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Our Kerala house design design service combines precision and inventiveness. Our skilled architects, interior designers, and engineers spent years collecting thousands of Kerala house design. Our careful planning ensures practicality and aesthetics combine flawlessly. Look through our projects to see how technology and creativity can work together, and see what possibilities exist for your next project. We hope that these Kerala house design collections help find right home quickly. If you need help narrowing down your selections, or would like suggestions based on your criteria, whats app chat, email or call us. We’d be happy to help you find the Kerala house design that fits your lifestyle and budget. You can also check out our Specialty Collections or customized design service for more design ideas. Let's build your dream home together from designing to execution.

25x50 kerala house design

25 50 West
Width   Depth   Facing
Product Code

3 bedroom kerala house plans

55 70 North
Width   Depth   Facing
Product Code

30 60 house design  Watch in 3D

30 60 West
Width   Depth   Facing
Product Code

Farmhouse design

50 100 West
Width   Depth   Facing
Product Code

House design in kerala

50 80 East
Width   Depth   Facing
Product Code

House design in kerala

37 56 East
Width   Depth   Facing
Product Code

Kerala home design

150 100 West
Width   Depth   Facing
Product Code

Kerala style house design

40 80 North
Width   Depth   Facing
Product Code

Low cost village house design  Watch in 3D

30 40 West
Width   Depth   Facing
Product Code

Modern classic villa design  Watch in 3D

40 44 North
Width   Depth   Facing
Product Code

Modern home design in kerala

30 60 West
Width   Depth   Facing
Product Code

Modern kerala house design

28 56 West
Width   Depth   Facing
Product Code

Modern traditional kerala house

30 50 North
Width   Depth   Facing
Product Code



1. Modern corner house plan with elevation

1. Modern corner house plan with elevation  Watch in 3D

32 65 North
Width   Depth   Facing
Product Code
1. 50x100 house front design

1. 50x100 house front design  Watch in 3D

50 100 North
Width   Depth   Facing
Product Code
Modern bungalow design

Modern bungalow design  Watch in 3D

50 70 East
Width   Depth   Facing
Product Code

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1000+ Designing Your Home in Kerala: A Modern Approach to Traditional Design in 2024-Imagination shaper

1000+ Modern kerala house design - Ideas to build Kerala home design - Download free Kerala house design - Imagination shaper


  1. Introduction

  2. A Slice Of History          

  3. The Kerala Home As An Extension Of Nature

  4. Open-Air Living Spaces

  5. An Emphasis On Good Vibes

  6. Exquisite Upscale Interior Design With Natural Finishes

  7. The main features of Kerala style

  8. The Process of Designing Your Home in Kerala


Kerala’s rustic beauty isn’t the only thing that draws people to its shores – it’s also the state’s traditional house design. Kerala houses are known for their unique characteristics, including elaborate wooden carvings, patterned tiles, and intricately carved wooden latticework.

But if you want to live in Kerala but don’t want to compromise on modern living, you might be wondering how to make this traditional home design work in your contemporary home. Follow these steps to begin designing your Kerala-inspired home with an original twist!

A Slice of History                                                                           

Kerala is the land of coconut & spices. Kerala has a unique blend of traditional as well as modern, which is reflected in its architecture, cuisine, and art. That makes Kerala's culture truly amazing, but if you're used to a more western-style home it can be hard choosing the right style.

This guide will help you find your perfect Kerala house design to enjoy all the benefits of living in a one-of-a-kind place.

The Kerala Home as an Extension of Nature

Home design in Kerala relies heavily on the principles of feng shui and vernacular architecture. Geographic solid and cultural factors have influenced this style, resulting in a home design that blends harmoniously with the surrounding environment.

Use nature as an inspiration when decorating your home, while maintaining the feel of an open-air pavilion. Ancient wisdom teaches us that nature is a source of inspiration and harmony. Kerala homes follow suit by incorporating principles of vernacular architecture and feng shui.

Open-Air Living Spaces

Kerala house design, characterized by expansive spaces filled with natural light and a relaxed feeling of informality, blends traditional and modern elements seamlessly. Large windows allow for airflow and floor-to-ceiling openings are filled with tropical foliage or pieces of art.

 Furniture is sparse, with the exception of low loungers placed strategically in groups that invite visitors to relax with ease. Steps lead down into an open living space where wood floors create a natural visual boundary between the indoor and outdoor areas.

An Emphasis on Good Vibes

There are a lot of different home design styles that one can adopt, but there is something about the Indian house style that seems to resonate with people.

These days, the trend is looking for modern traditional Kerala houses for sale, which is something that a lot of people are looking for. These houses have an emphasis on good vibes. If you are looking for house design in Kerala, then it can be what you are searching for.

Exquisite Upscale Interior Design with Natural Finishes

Kerala home design has been around for hundreds of years. It's an architecture style rooted in nature and built for the tropical climate. In other words, if you want something that will look good and feels great, Kerala might be the place for you.

If you're still on the fence about whether or not this style is right for you, here are five ways Kerala homes have stood the test of time.

The main features of Kerala style

Kerala is a beautiful and vibrant state located in the south of India. Known for its lush greenery, traditional culture, and stunning backwaters, Kerala is also home to many traditional design elements that make it stand out from other regions.

Traditional Kerala style houses are characterized by their strong emphasis on functionality and minimalism, with an emphasis on natural materials such as wood, stone, and clay.

The homes often feature large courtyards, open verandahs, small windows with wooden shutters, and sloping tiled roofs. The walls are often painted in warm earth tones such as yellow, orange, and terracotta.

Additionally, Kerala style also includes unique features such as carved wooden panels, jalis (wooden screens) with intricate geometric patterns, and carved stone pillars.

These elements come together to create a warm and inviting atmosphere that still retains the traditional feel of a Kerala home.


The Process of Designing Your Home in Kerala

However, modern adaptations have also been adopted, meaning you can get creative with your design. Whether you’re starting from scratch or renovating a space, the process is similar. Here are the key steps you’ll need to take to create a home that perfectly reflects your personality and style:

1. Choose Your Design Style:

Before you begin any design work, it’s important to determine the look and feel you want to achieve. Do you want to recreate a traditional Kerala-style home, or give it a modern twist? Make sure to consider the functionality of the space and which materials and colours will work best with your desired aesthetic.

2. Hire a Professional Designer:

Having a professional designer on board is essential if you want the job done right. Not only will they be able to bring your vision to life, they can also provide valuable advice and suggestions based on their experience in the field.

3. Finalize Your Design Plan:

Once you’ve finalized your mood board and hired a designer, you’ll need to develop a more detailed plan for how the space will look. This includes everything from furniture layout and flooring to lighting and wall art.

4. Source Materials and Furnishings:

You’ll then need to begin sourcing materials, furniture and accessories to create your perfect Kerala-style home. You can find traditional items in local stores, or use online resources to find unique pieces from around the world.

5. Set Up Your Space:

Finally, once all the elements are in place, it’s time to set up your space. With the help of your designer, you can bring your vision to life, filling the room with the perfect combination of modern and traditional design elements that reflect the beauty of Kerala.


What is the traditional Kerala house style?
Traditional architectural elements into contemporary Kerala homes like Thatched Roof, Pillared Verandas, and Sloping Architecture.

What is the difference between modern and Kerala house design?
Modern construction techniques and materials have become more common in recent times, and efforts are being made to preserve and incorporate these traditional architectural elements into contemporary Kerala homes.

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