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Imagination Shaper is a team of young architects, serving in the field of Architecture and Interior design in Lucknow and over the globe for the last 10 years. Our focus is to translate the client’s vision into reality by using our technical knowledge in the field of designing to deliver you innovative, creative and unique projects. We follow the best strategy which should follow every architect and interior designer while designing projects to get the best functional design and give the client the best use of spaces. It’s not easy to understand construction terms for the person who does not belong to the construction industry. We understand the problem faced by the client during architectural or interior designing to execution and the value of time of every client, so we started online designing service by providing all the designing related services at one place like Interior designing, Space planning, 3D designing, structural designing, electrical designing and plumbing designing etc, to reduce your effort and time and make the design process easier for our clients. We have completed 1000+ architectural and interior projects in posh areas of Lucknow E.g. Hazratganj, Indira Nagar, Rajajipuram, Jankipuram, Aliganj and other cities of India as Bangalore, Ahemdabad, Patna and many more.

A complete guide to hire a professional architect in Lucknow or India-

Nowadays, it’s not easy to make a house for medium class people. An architect’s role in the project is from crafting concept to execution. The architect plays an important role in building designing and execution. There are many architectural firms are working in Lucknow some handling small projects any some larger one. It is not easy to choose the right architect. We can say when we hire an architect we hire expertise in particular type residential or commercial project. There are many things to consider when hiring an architect; we are going to make a guide to hire a perfect architect which will help to complete your project smoothly.

Talk to the known before choosing-

Oral reference is known as the best reference ever, if you are constructing or remodelling your project first time then you have to talk to the person who has done before and satisfied architect work experience. This will help you to hire a good architect.

Relation with the other construction industry professional-

Construction is not the work of one man; it’s required a lot of people to complete a building. So, before hiring an architect, we must know about the relation of that architect with the other construction vendor’s E.g. Contractor, Plumber, and Electrician and more like that, It will save your time and construction workflow according to the timeline. If you know someone related to the construction industry you can ask him for a good architect. Obviously, it will be a good choice because they know the construction industry very closely.

Talk to the architect before choosing-

It is also a thing which we can’t neglect if you talk to an architect, you can easily understand their thought process which really helps us to proceed; sometimes many people shy at this point don't be shy and tell him your expectations with that project. It will be good if we decide some important point before choosing an architect i.e. responsibility of owner and architect what role you play during construction, what will be your design fee, and more like that it will help to complete the project smoothly.

Ask about license-

This is the most important things which anyone should remember before hiring an architect in India, There are two government bodies working on to license in India as COA and IIA before hiring an Architect must ask about their license. Normally, License is the noting but a proof of that the architect is worthy to handle the projects and will not be harmful to our project. You can easily check their license at the COA and IIA official websites.

Check previous works-

This is another important aspect of the hiring an architectural firm because by doing this, we can imagine their creativity level and potential to finalize the project and we should know that they are worthy to hire, meet our expectations or not before start construction work.

How can we help you as an Architect?

We are a team of young professional architects who are passionate about creativity, always keen to explore new ideas to solve construction industry problems in an easy way. We have worked on many residential, Group housing, commercial, Institutional, Corporate, cultural, sports and Healthcare projects and, we have a great number of satisfying clients. We fulfil all the parameters which are mentioned above to work on an architectural designing project.

A complete guide to hire a professional Interior designer in Lucknow or India-

Before hiring an interior designer you must understand the key difference between interior designer and decorator. This is important things because sometimes people understand that the interior designer and interior designer are the same. The main difference between interior designers is that the interior decorator only focuses on beautifying things but on the other hand interior designer works on beautifying things and technical aspects also. There is some important point mentioned below which should be kept in mind while hiring an Interior designer.

Be honest about your designing budget-

There are many interior designers available in the local market of Lucknow someone charge higher and someone lesser and obviously their work a lot of differences but hiring an expensive interior designer is not possible for all people so if your budget is low then hire an affordable designer with good profile.

Check for references-

This is the best way to hire a professional interior designer. In this process, you have to ask the person who has been worked with an interior designer for their interior project and you can take a review of that person. It’s a simple yet working way to hire a satisfying interior designer.

Check their portfolio before the start-

This is the most important factor which should be considered. By doing this you can relate that interior designer capable for your project you will easily determine their thought process by seeing their portfolio you can check also their level of detail which is the one of the important aspects of the good designing.

Their reviews-

You can add this step to judge an interior designer this can help you determine the satisfying interior designing firm. It’s simple these days you have to just check their reviews on google my business, sulekha, just dial and many more like this.

Their personality-

If you are hiring an interior designer it means you a going to believe a person’s judgment and spend a lot of time with him. There are a few points which may remember that the person listens to you and their decision making power is good enough.

Potential to work-

The potential of interior designing with problem-solving ideas makes a great difference in interior design and good interior designer. Before hiring, we must see how passionate he is to interior designing.

How can we help you as an interior designer-

We are Lucknow based interior designing firm, have worked on many small and large scale projects, We fulfil all the parameters which are required to be a good interior designer and create a peaceful, functional, aesthetic, luxury, contextual and healthy space to help you in live healthy and happy.

Our services

-- Interiors --

As an Interior designer in Lucknow, we know that interior designing is a combination of art and science to make functional spaces and pleasing environment. There is a great difference between an interior designer and interior decorator, the interior designer responsible for creating functional and beautiful spaces on the other hand interior decorator only focuses on beautiful and artistic spaces. Sometimes, an architect and interior designer work close to each other to solve a problem. Interior design can vary person to person it’s not all about same space create for everyone it depends much on daily lives, profession, hobby etc. there are many steps during interior designs which interior designers follow, here we are mentioning few important steps. Interior designing is ruled by some standard strategy, By following standard strategy, like current trends, by use of standard stages and more like that we became one of the top Interior design in Lucknow.

  • Discussion with the client - This is first and most important steps among all steps. At this step our designer discusses with client problem and takes their requirement brief, his budget, his taste, likes and dislikes etc. As we know the client is not designing background so we should consult the client what is good or bad. At last of this stage, we short out some key requirement of the client on which we work. After reviewing key requirement by the client we will move on the next step. Normally this step also called programming. You can go at this step by filling of popup our page; get in touch or easily calling at our contact number.
  • Space planning or concept development – This space includes a lot of research. At this stage, we design space according to the client’s key requirement following functionality by putting furniture layout designing elements. Circulation spaces etc.
  • Presentation – At this stage firstly we send mood board to the client in which we send reference according to client taste having 3 options of designs after finalization of mood board we render designs according to the finalized mood board. After finalization of 3d render we move another stage of our milestone which is technical drawing and documentation.
  • Technical drawing and documentations – At this stage, we prepare technical drawings for bidding and execution, in which we write the specification of materials and dimensions of each detail. The technical designing process makes the bidding process easy and accurate. We will also send a quotation for the cost for execution.
  • Executions – At this phase firstly client select contractors according to bid and the technical score of bids after that ensure work phages of installations. We will coordinate contractors if any problem brings. At, last of this stage contractor feedback to client if any problem found contractor fix that.

-- Vastu --

Vastu is an ancient Indian Vedic science of architecture which helps you to decide the perfect direction of requirements any building layout for harmony with nature. Vastu is a deep science of cosmic energy and it’s management. Vastu Shastra is a very old science written by Indian Rishis. It believes if anyone followed Vastu Shastra rules could live happily. It works on five elements that are Space, Air, fire, water and earth. There are some important tips of Vastu for various areas of Vastu.

  • Main Entrance – The main entrance is the entrance point of the house as well for energies also. It’s preferred best direction according to Vastu should be North and the secondary option is east and north-east, in easy word When we come out of the house our face should be in North, east and north-east direction.
  • Meditation Room or worship space – A meditation area is an area where we meditate to reduce our stress and enhance peace and spiritual power. The best direction for puja room is the North-east side of the house.
  • Living Room – The living room basically used for relaxing and socializing purpose. It’s situated most of the time near the main entrance to make functional for visitors. The most favorable direction for the Living room is East or North direct in case of the south-facing plot we can put it in South-East direction.
  • Master Bedroom – Master bedroom is the main bedroom of the house which has more amenities than other bedrooms. It’s sometimes referred to as owner’s bedroom. The favorable direction of the master bedroom is South-West and bed should be placed in such manner that head should not be in North direction.
  • Kitchen – It’s a room like structure which is used to cooking. Sometimes it’s also used for the store (in case no plan for of store area). The best direction of the kitchen is South- East and the second direction of kitchen is North-west according to Vastu Shastra.
  • Toilet – Here, the word toilet refers to toilet room which is privately accessed for urination and defection and also takes a bath. Sometimes it’s also called a bathroom. The best direction of the toilet is West or North-west. W.C. placed in such a manner that the person never faces south or West direction.

-- Turnkey Projects --

While we started working as architectural and interior design firm, we see that most of the architectural firms and interior design firms in Lucknow and other places offer only designing service, which can be difficult, to handle execution work to the client, so we started to offer designing to execution at one place. This is a mode of architectural or interior projects in which we undertake the full project from designing to finishing on behalf of a mutual agreement. It’s a single process in which one vender compete all the project Understanding the impotence of time, we decided to save the time, energy and burden of our client we started one-stop solution for Construction and interiors work. We observed that meeting with designers, contractors and vendors is too much time taking and full of hassle and sometimes lack of technical knowledge we are unable to choose the right person for work.

Our team has sufficient experience of many turnkey projects, so we ensure you of, a good understanding of your design problem, know how to plan and manage labour, Delivery of project on time and Reasonable price solution of the project. The moment when we start to work on your project we start following, all your concerns, from planning to finish. Turnkey service by imagination shaper is a one-stop solution for our client from designing to final finished project on time as per your need.

-- Architectural --

We design residential and commercial spaces like residence, hotel, hospital and schools etc in India as well across the world. Looking completion level among Architects Lucknow, we decided to provide best architectural designing service at Lucknow to benefit our clients by following new trends in designing fields.

There are some important phases during architectural design. There may be some other important phases during architectural design, we change in the process according to project need for example when we are working on the local project as Architect in Lucknow we add client meeting in our design phases but when we are designing online we discuss on phone for a small project.

  • Discussion with the client or programming - The first steps start from listening and asking any type of question about you and your family, likes and dislikes, requirements, goals, future etc so that we can translate your expression into reality. In case of a renovation project, you must take a measurement of the old building.
  • Concept development and Space planning – At this stage, we research local materials used in building construction trends and many more than the design planning concept of the project according to your taste. The backbone of our concept is Vastu that is an ancient science of architecture and passive solar energy.
  • Presentation – This next stage is the presentation stage in which we presentation, In which we first layout of building to the client and after finalization of floor plan we prepare 3d render of the project to visualize building before the construction. This is not a standard process it may change according to the project if needed.
  • Technical drawing and documentations – After finalization of the floor plan and 3d design, we prepare technical drawing to start work on-site, It also makes the bidding process easy and accurate. This is the longest stage of all above stage this stage includes structural designing, electrical designing plumbing designing and working drawings.
  • Executions – This is the final stage of the work at this stage all the vender's works according to specifications provided by us, We also work with the contractor to answer their question, verify that material using in construction is good, correction in technical drawing and solve the problem that comes out during construction. We will also provide project progress report regular basis. On most projects, we don’t supervise construction.

Why Choose Us

  • We have rich experience in almost every type of building.
  • We always design a unique building as per your need.
  • Our service charge is reasonable.
  • Our buildings are eco-friendly and energy-efficient.
  • We take care of Vastu in our designs.
  • We provide detailed technical drawing so that, contractor make minimum mistakes.
  • We have a creative team of architects; they are also a great problem solver.
  • We will try to gain your goals in your budget.
  • We believe in the delivery of the project on time.
  • We are transparent in our procedure.
  • Our motto is 100% client satisfaction.

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General FAQ

General FAQ related to architect and interior designer in Lucknow
What is the fee for architects in Lucknow?
Architect’s fees depend on the experience of architectural designing firm’s experience, the engagements of the architectural firms in that project’s matter and complexity of the project. It mostly varies between 3%-7% of the project cost.
Who are the best architects in Lucknow?
There are many professional, experienced architects in Lucknow. It’s not easy to say who is best, according to our research, for residential and commercial projects imagination shaper is one of the best.
Do I really need an architect?
Architects are the professional who’s experienced in and building designing following trends, functional and technical aspects. If you need a well-planned space you must hire an architect, he will help you in local authority related issues and complete your project smoothly.
How do you choose an architect?
There are many important aspects may be followed while selecting an architect it needs a lot of research and knowledge. The best way to hire an architect talk to the architects and put your expectations in front of him, and whose visions meets your expectations, start working with him.
How do I find a good local architect in Lucknow?
The best way o hire and professional local architect in Lucknow the asking the people who have been worked with an architect. There is nothing better than the recommendation of your trusted person and another way to hire a local architect is via online research.
How much do professional interior designers in Lucknow charge?
The professional interior designer in Lucknow charges between 40-200rs/sqft. It depends on the scope of work and the complexity of that project.
Why should I hire a professional interior designer in Lucknow?
Interior designer is a learned person who is experienced in generating artistic, functional and they are very problem-solving, hiring an interior designer definite helps you to give you a calm and pleasant space.
What Are the Service Offered by Our Design Experts in Lucknow?
We are a Lucknow based architectural and interior designing firm. We provide construction and interior execution services also.

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Imagination shaper is India based online Architectural and interior designing firm, we have an expert team of architects, interior designers and engineers to fulfill your dreams into reality using our technical knowledge of construction industry. We have done 500+ high quality residential, commercial and interiors projects.

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