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Architecture Consulting

We specialize in architecture consultation that turns your dreams become reality at Imagination Shaper. Our skilled architects work with you to understand your vision, needs, and budget, assuring a customized approach. We create innovative, sustainable solutions through site analysis, feasibility studies, and environmental effect assessments. Compliance with local building codes and optimization of space, functionality, and aesthetics are our specialties.

Turnkey construction

Turnkey Construction

Imagination Shaper handles your project from start to finish with turnkey construction. Since we supervise the entire construction process, our turnkey approach eliminates stress. We reduce risks and streamline communication by providing a single point of accountability for design, planning, procurement, construction, and delivery. Our professional staff completes your project on time and within budget to the highest quality standards.

Interior design

Interior Designing

Imagination Shaper's interior design services create inspiring and delightful spaces. Our expert designers collaborate with you to create beautiful interiors that reflect your vision, lifestyle, and preferences. We excel at space planning, color coordination, and choosing functional and attractive furnishings, lighting, and accessories. Every detail is examined, from ergonomics and acoustics to color and texture psychology, to create a pleasant setting.

Interior furnishings

Interior Furnishing

Our interior furnishing services enhance your space's beauty and utility. We specialize in choosing and arranging high-quality furniture, fixtures, and accessories to match your interior style. Our crew finds a variety of furniture, window treatments, carpeting, and decor to match your tastes. We collaborate with our interior designers to ensure every piece matches the design. Our attention to detail provides durable, comfortable, and attractive furnishings.

Vastu consulting

Vastu consulting

Imagination Shaper offers expert Vastu advice to align your home or office with Vastu Shastra. Our consultants advise on structural location and orientation to maximize positive energy flow for success, health, and pleasure. After rigorous site surveys and space planning, we recommend room placement, entrances, and furniture arrangement to improve energy flow. Our services attempt to balance and harmonize your spaces with nature and cosmic principles.


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Imagination Shaper


Imagination shaper Others
  • No Hidden Cost
  • Affordable rates as everything is in-house
  • 50% hike in price due to outsourcing
  • One stop for everything related to builing
  • multiple service provider hiring for different things
  • Managed and scheduled timeline
  • No scheduled timeline
  • Regular quality checks
  • In house team, it gives assurance of quality
  • Outsourced service, so unable to control quality of service
After sales support
  • Assistance with technology or physical site visit (if possible)
  • No assistanc after services
  • Experienced and professional team
  • Unprofessional team

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Message from our CEO

Deepak Vishwakarma

Imagination shaper ceo

At Imagination Shaper, we are passionate about turning your architectural dreams into reality. As the CEO, I want to personally assure you that we deeply value your hard-earned money and are committed to providing exceptional service tailored to your unique vision. Our team of experienced designers and architects collaborates closely with you to deliver innovative and vastu friendly that exceed expectations. We understand the trust you place in us, and we strive to honor that by dedicating ourselves to excellence in every project. We truly want to work for you, creating spaces that inspire and delight. Thank you for considering us as your service partner.



Exclusive 3d

View Technology


Exclusive 3d view technology.

Experience the future of project visualization with our cutting-edge 3D view technology. Immerse yourself in a full 360-degree experience, allowing you to explore every angle of your project with unparalleled clarity and detail. Click on "Watch in 3D" to embark on your 360-degree journey and see the project come to life like never before.

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BIG Innovation Award 2024

Golden Blueprint Award

Brentmore Group Award

Future Form Award

Brentmore Group Award

Design Distinction Award

The Drum Awards Metaverse

Urban Elegance Award

Ventana Research Award

Timeless Design Award

PLA Award

Landmark Design Award

WorkTech Revolution Award

Pioneering Design Award

Stratus Award

Innovative Structure Award

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