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Imagination Shaper is a team of young leading Architects who teamed up to establish Imagination shaper.Now, We are one of the Top Architect in Lucknow and one of the best interior designer of Lucknow. We provide customized architectural, Interiors and turnkey construction services to suit individual client needs. From pre-construction stage to the final construction stage, we will be present in every step of the way, providing technical know-how and industry expertise required to translate our vision into reality. Our philosophy is to make unique designs, without lack of proper air, light and utilization of spaces in a proper manner. Hence, we started this Architectural firm Imagination shaper to make things much simpler and easier to understand. The firm has designed numerous small, medium and large Residential and Commercial buildings.

What We do

-- Interiors --

We make spaces functional and beautiful in all type of buildings like residential and commercial with our understanding of art and science. There are some important phases during the process of interiors. We are the one of the Top Interior designer in Lucknow.

  • Meeting with the client - This process also called programming. In this stage, we know about your taste. Likes, know about what inspires you and what your budget is etc. This phase includes face to face meeting, telephonic and emails and whatever need.
  • Personalized Designing phase – In this stage, we show our expertise to design space as per your taste. A first we provide space plan and after approval, we work on 3d according to your designing taste like colour, texture, themes and material choices.
  • Technical design – After the approval of the second phase, in this stage, we work on the technical aspect of the project. We design every inch detail of your choice design and provide you a quote of the designing and wait for your response.
  • Installation on site – In this stage, we ensure that site work is going on according to drawing, time and design and also ensure that material and finishing is matching with our standard. We will send you the progress report regularly.

-- Vastu --

Vastu is known as the science for architecture. Vastu is not a religious thing, It’s a method of arranging things correctly so that we can get the maximum benefit of five elements that is Earth, fire, water, space, and air. Vastushastra relies on numerous energies that are related to the atmosphere like lunar energy, thermal energy, magnetic energy, solar energy from sun, cosmic energy. For peace, prosperity and success this energy should be balanced. If the house-made Vastu principles, the resident will be live happily. There are some useful Vastu tips for various areas of the house.

  • Main Entrance – The opening of the main door should be facing the north, east or north-east corner. The main door should be constructed in such a way that when we come out from the house our face should be in north, east or north-east direction.
  • Meditation Room or worship space – Planning Meditation Room or worship space in any house will ensure spiritual growth. The best position of the Meditation Room or worship space is the east direction. As a secondary direction, we can take the east, the north and the north-east.
  • Living Room – This is the most activity centered area of any house. This is the area where visitors enter first. The best favorable direction for living room is east or north direction. If our plot is south facing we can put also in the south-east direction.
  • Master Bedroom – This area of the house mainly used for sleeping. The most favorable direction for master bedroom is south-west. As per Vastu, the bed should be placed in such a way so that the head will be in the east or south direction.
  • Kitchen – This area of the house used for preparing food. The ideal direction for the kitchen is south-east but if we are unable to do so we can put it north-west direction.
  • Toilet – This area of the house used for defecation and urination. According to the Vastu, the toilet should be planned in the west or north-west direction. The toilet seat planned in such a manner that the person sitting on that could face North or the South.

-- Turnkey Projects --

Understanding the impotence of time, we decided to save the time, energy and burden of our client we started one-stop solution for Construction and interiors work. We observed that meeting with designers, contractors and vendors is too much time taking and full of hassle and sometimes lack of technical knowledge we are unable to choose the right person for work.

Our team has sufficient experience of many turnkey projects, so we ensure you of, a good understanding of your design problem, know how to plan and manage labour, Delivery of project on time and Reasonable price solution of the project. The moment when we start to work on your project we start following, all your concerns, from planning to finish. Turnkey service by imagination shaper is a one-stop solution for our client from designing to final finished project on time as per your need.

-- Architectural --

We design residential and commercial spaces like residence, hotel, hospital and schools etc in India as well across the world. We are the one of the Top Architect in Lucknow.

There are some important phases during architectural design (Note-Besides this one important phase is bidding on which most of the people not working so we don’t go to talk about):

  • Meeting or Programming - This is the term used for what we do before start building designing. This stage mostly has research part associated with land like wind direction sun path etc. At this stage, we ask a lot of questions to the client related to the site and meet with the client to know his requirement and survey to take the measurement. We will with you closely to know what your space needs is and how to plan to use than most efficiently.
  • Concept or Proposal drawing – This is the concept planning stage in this stage we provide concept designing of the project. Although this is not an in-depth designing phase, it has a lot of important roles because in this phase we try to translate your requirements into a plan.
  • Technical drawing – After the finalization of proposal drawing, we prepare technical drawing of our proposal drawing like structure electrical, plumbing and specification notes used to bid to bring out construct cost for bidding purpose. This is the longest part of all phases. After presenting the technical drawing to the client, he will ready to submit drawing related development authority and for bidding to contractors.
  • Construction administration – At this stage, we ensure that ongoing work is going on according to drawing provided by us. We also work with the contractor to answer their question, verify that material using in construction is good, correction in technical drawing and solve the problem that comes out during construction. We will also provide project progress report regular basis. On most projects, we don’t supervise construction.

Why Choose Us

  • We have rich experience in almost every type of building.
  • We always design a unique building as per your need.
  • Our service charge is reasonable.
  • Our buildings are eco-friendly and energy-efficient.
  • We take care of Vastu in our designs.
  • We provide detailed technical drawing so that, contractor make minimum mistakes.
  • We have a creative team of architects; they are also a great problem solver.
  • We will try to gain your goals in your budget.
  • We believe in the delivery of the project on time.
  • We are transparent in our procedure.
  • Our motto is 100% client satisfaction.

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Imagination shaper is India based online Architectural and interior designing firm, we have an expert team of architects, interior designers and engineers to fulfill your dreams into reality using our technical knowledge of construction industry. We have done 500+ high quality residential, commercial and interiors projects.

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