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Team imagination shaper    |   11 Jan 2022
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Imagination shaper-Architect in Lucknow

Who we are-

We are Lucknow based Architecture and interior designing firm, have rich experience in almost all kinds of projects like residential, commercial, healthcare,  hospitality and many more. We have a team of architects, interior designers, engineers, contractors, vendors and the industry’s other professionals, they are working with us full-time and freelance both ways. We also provide construction, interior execution services. We believe in open communication for better design, which is beneficial from the perspective of the client in many ways. We always try to make things simpler for our clients to make construction finish smoothly. We have designed numerous marvellous buildings in posh areas of Lucknow i.e. Alambagh, Gomti Nagar, Hazratganj etc.


Our project gallery-

Proposed residence at Faizabad road Chinhat

Proposed residence at Faizabad road Chinhat

architects in Lucknow projects

Project at Gomtinagar

The proposed building at aliganj

The proposed building at aliganj

Architectural service in lucknow

Proposed residence at Alambagh

The proposed building at Lucknow

The proposed building at Lucknow

Architects in Lucknow

Architects in Lucknow project

The exterior design of the building of Lucknow

The exterior design of the building of Lucknow

Architectural designer

Building designed by Imagination shaper at hazratganj


What we do-

We are one-stop solutions for all Architectural, interior designing, construction and Interior execution-related projects. We also provide designing services online to those clients who are unable to come to our office. We design spaces according to function and present visuals of the projects. We assist the client in every state of construction because we are well introduced vast construction industry cycle and submit for approval referring to development authorities Like LDA, awas vikas. We also provide construction, interior execution, project management service as per client requirements.


The way we work-

In this changing era of technology, there are many things that are changing rapidly in Lko. Without expert advice, it should be a vast mistake during construction. The construction industry is very wide to understand changing technologies we regular discuss for update with the contractor, labour contractor, material supplier and related to this industry people to provide the best service to our clients.


A complete guide to hiring a professional architect in Lucknow-

Nowadays, it’s not easy to make a house plan for medium class people. An architect’s role in the project is from crafting concept to execution is important. The architect plays an important role in building design and execution. There are many architecture firms are working in Lucknow some handling small projects and some larger ones. It is not easy to choose the right architect. We can say when we hire an architect we hire experts in a particular type of residential or commercial project. There are many things to consider when hiring an architect; we are going to make a guide to hire the perfect best architect in Lucknow which will help to complete your project smoothly.

1. Talk to the architect before choosing

2. Ask about license

3. Relation with the other construction industry professional

4. Experience with similar projects

5. How many revisions he is going to provide

6. Check previous works



Talk to the known before choosing-

Oral reference is known as the best reference ever, if you are constructing or remodelling your project first time then you have to talk to the person who has done it before and is satisfied with the architect's service. This will help you to hire a top architect in Lucknow.

Talk to the architect before choosing-

It is also a thing which we can’t neglect if you talk to an architect, you can easily understand their thought process which really helps us to proceed; sometimes many people shy at this point don't be shy and tell him your expectations with that project. It will be good if we decide some important points before choosing an architect i.e. responsibility of the owner and architect what role you play during construction, what will be your design fees, and more like that it will help to complete the project smoothly.

Ask about license-

This is the most important thing which anyone should remember before hiring an architect in India, two government bodies are working on to license in India as COA and IIA before hiring an Architect must ask about their license. Normally, a License is the noting but proof that the architect is worthy to handle the projects and will not be harmful to our project. You can easily check their license at the COA and IIA official websites.

Relation with the other construction industry professional-

Construction is not the work of one man; it’s required a lot of people to complete a building. So, before hiring an architect, we must know about the relation of that architect with the other construction vendor’s E.g. Contractor, Plumber, and Electrician and more like that it can help to judge that the architect is active in the market and also it can help to hire construction team without much effort, it will save your time and construction workflow according to the timeline. If you know someone related to the construction industry you can ask him for a good architect in Lucknow. It will be a good choice because they know the construction industry very closely.

Experience with similar projects-

Architect designs almost all kinds of projects like residential, commercial, healthcare etc. Discuss with the architect which type of project he is experienced in it will help you to choose the right professional architect in Lucknow.

How many revisions he is going to provide-

This is an important point that should discuss with them because one or two revisions can restrict exploring new ideas more explore can help good design.

Check previous works-

This is another important aspect that should be checked before hiring an top architectural firm Lucknow because by doing this, we can imagine their creativity level and potential to finalize the project and we should know that they are worthy to hire, meet our expectations or not before start construction work.

The full procedure to design a building by the architect in Lucknow-

Many people think they can design a building by themself but it can through a negative effect on the project after some years.

They also can’t normally consider building by-laws, environmental effects and achieving projects within budget. The first stage of the building house design is to discuss with your family the basic requirement as per your lifestyle, future plan, Vastu consideration and area of the plot after that take the dimensions, facing of plot and shortlist architect providing service in Lucknow by researching market internet and oral references. After listing out architect meet then and tell them requirements and finalize that architect which vision meets with your expectations.

After doing the above things now turns to pass map from the development authority (if the property belongs to any) the architect will submit the map as per authority by-laws and your requirement after approval the submitted drawing the stage to design a front elevation of the house which should be minimalist. After finalizing the front elevation the construction drawing work start and discuss with the contractor drawing and finalize contractor after that you can start the work.

Construction drawing-

There are many important drawing that architect in Lucknow provides but there are few drawings that are required during construction.

1 Floor plan

2 3d front elevation

3 Structure drawing

4 Working drawing

How can we help you as an Architect of Lucknow?

We are a team of young professional architects who are passionate about creativity, always keen to explore new ideas to solve construction industry problems easily. We have worked on many residential, Group housing, commercial, Institutional, Corporate, cultural, sports and Healthcare projects and, we have a great number of satisfying clients.  We fulfil all the parameters which are mentioned above to work on an architectural designing project.



Is it mandatory to approve a map from LDA?

It is not mandatory to pass a map from LDA if your plot is not LDA property or it is situated in LDA approved township if your plot is situated in awas vikas then it is needed to approve map from awas vikas it means it depends on which devolvement authority has regulated that area.


What is the cost of the architect in Lucknow?

It depends on what services you are going to take from them if you need only a designing service it will be 2-5% of the project or per sqft basis but if you need a project management service it will be 10% of the project budget.


Address:- Near jay Gopal dharam kata, Ahmamau, Sultanpur Rd, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226002


Contact number:-+91-9721818970

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