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Interior designer in lucknow

Top 10 Interior Designers in Lucknow:-


Interior design is all about crafting a home with environment which maximise quality of your life and lifestyle. Lucknow city have great heritage and culture, interior designers plays an important role between tradition and modernity.

In this article, we have explore about top 10 interior designers in Lucknow, showcasing designers unique design styles, their philosophies, and notable works.

Here in this section, we can explore top 20 interior designers in Lucknow. Whether you are seeking to renew the home, office, and your commercial space, interior designers ensures to inspire their clients with their creative output.


1. Imagination Shaper:


Imagination Shaper is an outstanding interior designing organisation in Lucknow, they are popular for minimalist approach, elegant design, and contemporary design. Imagination shaper is a well-known interior designer in Lucknow.


They have their speciality in residential as well as commercial works. They trust on the power of simplicity as well as functionality, they also believe in creating spaces which are not just beautiful and pleasing but also highly functional. 


Imagination shaper offers design project which will be the combination of traditional and modern interior designing.


Key Features:

  • They have their attention on creating details.
  • They make innovative use of your home space, and also focuses on client preferences and requirements.
  • They have their expertise in residential as well as commercial projects.
  • They make sure about every space into your house reflects their client's lifestyle and needs.



2. Able Interiors:


Able Interiors is one of the best interior design firm in Lucknow which have places a strong impact on sustainability. They have maintain a versatile portfolio such as luxury houses, corporate offices, and retail shops, and they are also popular for prioritizing eco-friendly design work.


Key Features:

  • They design their project seamlessly and in detail.
  • They combine the sustainability and aesthetics
  • They make sure to make use of natural materials as well as energy-efficient solutions.
  • This interior designer create the spaces which looks stunning and also contributing to a greener planet.




3. Saarang Architect & Interiors:


Saarang architect & interiors are most popular for crafting traditional Indian design interior by adding contemporary twist.

They are best in their craftsmanship and cultural variations, creating interiors which are both visually appealing as well as culturally rich.


Key Features:

  • Saarang interior designers projects are usually incorporate in details.
  • They have their expertise in handcrafted furniture,
  • They also have the deep understanding of regional autism, culture and tradition,
  • Ensuring a unique and personalized touch.



4. Core Planners:


Core Planners are the famous interior designer in Lucknow, they have expertise in versatility as well as adaptability.

They serves a clients with various design preferences, from traditional designs to contemporary, to make sure that each interior work will be the reflection of the client's requirements and lifestyle...

Key Features:

  • They have ability to craft the best customized solutions
  • They can helps their clients to fulfil their various needs.
  • Proficiency in with their interior design set them apart from other designers.



5. Taran Interiors:


Taran Interior designers are the synonymous for luxury and opulence interior designer in Lucknow. They have expertise in high-end residential as well as commercial interiors, they also focuses on creating extraordinary as well as glamorous spaces.

They offers the interior services which suits with your requirements and lifestyle.


Key Features:

  • Their designs exude to the high level of sophistication and elegance.
  • They are usually investing in premium materials.
  • Their works ends with exquisite finishes.
  • Keen eye for beauty and elegance.




6. Arch Matrix (Architect and Interior Designers):

Arch matrix trusts in crafting the interior designs which evoke emotions and create nostalgic feelings. They have expertise in playing with unique design as well as beautiful colors offers the space a distinctive look.

Key Features:

  • Their designs are differtiated by their own ability.
  • They can create atmospheres which incorporate with homeowner emotionally.
  • Their main priority is to create a spaces which feel like a natural reflection of their client's personality.




7. K4 Design Craft:


K4 Design Craft is most popular for their innovative usage of technology incorporating with interior design.

They uses the 3D visualization tools for their client’s visualization about the final result and helps to make informed decisions.

Key Features:

  • The main feature of K4 design is that their Tech-savvy approach
  • They are expertise in enhancing client's experience
  • They offer their client with clear vision of the project with final outcome.
  • Their commitment with transparency as well as modernity sets them apart from others.



8. DC Interiors 

DC Interior designer firm are very much committed to their sustainability and green design as well. They included the eco-friendly materials as well as energy-efficient solutions into the interior designing work, they ensures their client with the harmonious coexistence.

Key Features:

  • They have their emphasis on sustainability.
  • Which benefits the environment and also results in healthier environment.
  • They create more energy-efficient home for their clients.


9. Impact Interior

Impact interior are committed for creating vibrant and lively interiors as well. They are popular for playful utilisation of beautiful colors and patterns to craft an energetic living as well as working spaces.

Key features:

  • Their designs are differ by own ability.
  • They craft the space to uplift and energize.
  • Their work make them ideal for who are searching for dynamic and lively environments as well.



10. Ardi Studio:

Ardi studios well known for the innovative as well as futuristic designs styles. They always stay ahead one feet from other design trends and usually experiment their design projects with unconventional materials and layouts as well.

 Key Features:

  • They are famous for their forward-thinking approach
  • Their outcome in designs which are contemporary still ahead of the time
  • Their style of working make them apart from others and make them first choice for clients.


Why hiring an Interior Designer is the best option?

With the rise of home furnishing stores like Hometown make it easy for the average homeowner to decorate their living spaces on a budget. But the lack of professional knowledge can sometimes lead to design blunders. That is why many suffer from the dilemma of whether to hire an interior designer or do it by themselves.

If you have an interest in doing it by yourself then there are multiple options like watching Youtube videos, reading helpful blogs, articles, and guides. But before you decide your option read through the blog to see which is more beneficial for you.

In this blog we will give you some best reasons why hiring an interior designer is the best option.

Hiring an Interior Designer

Hiring a professional interior designer is an investment that pays off for projects like home remodels, complex builds, or an interior decor refresh. Though their services come at a cost, a qualified interior designer offers expertise from years of training and experience that the average homeowner lacks.

We hired an interior designer for the construction of our house in lucknow. We compared some of the best interior designers in Lucknow and selected one. Out of the many benefits of hiring an Interior designer here are some,

Benefits of hiring an interior designer

  1. Expertise and training

An interior designer possesses all the technical skills required for building, interior designing. They have the expertise and knowledge of the safety, regulatory standards required in a project.

Interior designers have in- depth knowledge of the various materials like metals, concrete, wood, and glass.

They are the best person who can give you a tentative cost for the house remodeling or any project. They are the person who can best guide you on the durability of the materials and how to improve the lifespan of the project.

An interior designer is a person who has the knowledge of the latest trends and style in real estate. If you are looking to adopt a contemporary trendy design in your home then an interior designer is the best person to hire.

  1. Saves time and hassle

Building a house is a time consuming and stressful process. I have seen many homeowners in our locality who have developed diseases like hypertension, stress while designing their houses.

It is because there are many things and technicalities to cover. If you are capable enough to do this physically and mentally then you can do it yourself or hire someone else who is an expert in doing so.

Hiring an interior designer will save a lot of time and will free you from most hassle.The designer takes care of talking to all the vendors and contractors for you. You only have to talk to the designer, instead of many different companies. You don't have to do your own research and decision making. In most cases you all have to finance the operations and check periodically of everything going as per the plan. You can sit and relax like we did after hiring an interior designer in Lucknow who took care of all the things.

  1. Access to Resources

Interior designers have relationships with manufacturers, vendors, contractors, artisans, etc. over many years of working in the field. They have connections that average homeowners do not.

They have access to special trade-only showrooms, catalogs, and warehouses that sell furniture, lighting, textiles, building materials and more at big discounts not available to the general public.

Designers can get samples and prototype products from vendors to try out because they work closely together and vendors want their business.They stay on top of the newest product launches and innovations since they interact regularly with manufacturers and vendors.

Designers can leverage their industry relationships to get preferred pricing, early access to popular items, and other perks a homeowner could not access alone.

Designers have connections with contractors to handle installation, tradespeople for custom work, stagers, landscapers, and other specialists to execute the overall design plan.

Designers have established trust and proof of their experience with vendors, which makes it easier to negotiate discounts and favorable terms that homeowners rarely receive. Our interior decorator in Lucknow got some of the best discounts in many purchases for our project.

  1. Objective Eye

Interior designers are able to look at a space with a fresh, unbiased perspective. Homeowners can be too emotionally attached to a space or aesthetic to make objective design choices.

Designers are trained to evaluate how a space is functioning and make recommendations for improvements. Homeowners may overlook flaws or poor layout in a space they occupy daily.

They can point out changes that need to be made for optimal lighting, storage, traffic flow, etc. Homeowners may not notice issues that an objective eye can immediately spot.

Interior designers bring knowledge of the latest trends and design principles. They can articulate why certain choices look dated or suggest better options. Homeowners relying on their own taste may make short-sighted style choices.

Designers know how to pull together furnishings, colors, textures and decor into a cohesive look. Homeowners often choose pieces they like individually but don't necessarily work together.

The interior designers can advise against impulse purchases or risky bold choices that homeowners may regret down the road. Their objectivity prevents design mistakes.

They look at the big picture of how a space will be used. Homeowners can get bogged down in details and lose sight of the overall vision.


Want to design your home interiors in Lucknow click here to get a free quote.





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What is the cost of interior designer in Lucknow?

Interior design costs can vary significantly based on the complexity of the project. Some designers may charge a flat fee, while others charge hourly rates or a percentage of the total project cost, approximate charge of an interior designer in Lucknow is 100rs/sqft.

Are interior designers worth the cost?

Interior designers can provide significant value for those seeking a professionally designed space, but the decision should be based on your individual circumstances, preferences, and budget.


So, hiring an interior designer is always a good choice considering all its benefits. It helps save time, choose better materials, save on cost, and many things. They are the expert in remodeling, redesigning or designing a new project. By hiring an interior designer you get to use all those skills for a cost. The return on investment is much better. So better hire an interior designer then do it yourself. You don't have to deal with all the hassles by yourself. Your interior designer will take care of all those for you.


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