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House front design

Front elevation design of small house

25 50 East
Width   Depth   Facing
Product Code

Front design For 2 floor

30 65 East
Width   Depth   Facing
Product Code


30 60 East
Width   Depth   Facing
Product Code

Front elevation design of house

30 50 West
Width   Depth   Facing
Product Code


30 50 West
Width   Depth   Facing
Product Code

Home front design

60 60 North
Width   Depth   Facing
Product Code

House elevation design

25 40 East
Width   Depth   Facing
Product Code

House exterior design

40 40 West
Width   Depth   Facing
Product Code

Front elevation design of house

30 60 East
Width   Depth   Facing
Product Code



Front elevation design of modern house

Front elevation design of modern house

25 60 North
Width   Depth   Facing
Product Code
35X45 Modern house design

35X45 Modern house design

35 45 East
Width   Depth   Facing
Product Code
Front elevation design of Farm house

Front elevation design of Farm house

40 60 East
Width   Depth   Facing
Product Code

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The House front design – Imagination shaper


Normally when thinking about exterior designing we consider only the appearance of the project only we take reference of the previously designed admired project and design something like that but there is some other consideration also which we need to take care of like climate factors, historical elements, proper sunlight, buffer to avoid excessive noises in this way we have to design something that helps in environmental as well as commercial value.


What is the house front elevation design of the house?


When we talk about house front design or 3D front elevation design, we refer to 3d visualization of the building from which we assume the appearance of the building. It means we can easily feel how it can appear post-completion or in an easy word by front elevation design of the house, You can clearly visualize a building before construction, so it can easily be modified if not meet your expectations. There are two types of building that architect design the first one is iconic and the second one is aesthetic appealing. As a good elevation designer, one should follow both of the factors in our buildings. Exterior designing is not only an artistic representation of buildings but also a great use of strategies of science and technology for maximum use of solar passive energy to reduce maintenance charge, which will be beneficial throughout the building life. It is also known as façade designing, exterior designing.


The importance of house elevation design-


It should be the priority that the elevation design should meet your ideas. Elevation design finalization is the initial part of building design, not giving priority to elevation design, the building may completely look different from your ideas. A good elevation design can increase the value of the property. Elevation design also assists construction workers to visualize the building design, material and other specifications.


Type of Front elevation design of house-


There are misconceptions between type and style. Type and style both are important parts of the front elevation design of a house. We think type and style are the same things. The elevation is the part of architectural drawing, it is an orthographic projection (parallel projection) of any part of the building which may be visible or invisible from the outside of the building like the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or any other interior or exterior detail. It provides detail of the elements that correspond to the finished home like measurement; material detail etc. The style of the elevation is the look and feel of the building. Different types of elevation can be segregated into the following.


1.         Front side elevation


2.         Rear side elevation


3.         Left side elevation


4.         Right side elevation


5.         Sectional elevation (cutting building at the given line, used for material type, the thickness of elements, and many more.)


Besides, there can be other elevations as per our need in construction like any detail which is a typical type of construction, it may be the elevation of interior elements.




Style of elevation design-


Everyone wants to ensure that the building looks the same as he/she assumed in his/her dreams. But it’s not possible every time to understand what the client exactly wants (lack of sketching knowledge, software knowledge etc,.) To short out this problem and understand the client test, there is a solution named style. There are many types of elevation design used in construction, but we are going to focus on the style which is major used in India. These styles are listed below.


1.         Contemporary


2.         Modern


3.         Traditional


4.         Mixed


5.         Classic


6.         Minimalist


Things should keep you in mind before designing the house front design -


It’s one of the most important parts of any building, it should be impressive and beautiful, by using a basic principle and elements of designing it can be improved. There are a few important points which should remember while designing any house.


• Always design such kind of elevation designs which should be maintained easily; it means it could be cleaned, restored easily, modern house design is a great example of it.


• While designing a building's exterior design, always remember one most important point, which is safety, which means always using such elements which will not become a weakness to the safety perspective.


• The next important point is privacy, by using proper elements it can be improved.


• Next, by using maximum natural energy resources like solar passive energy, the cost of electricity can be minimized, it should be beneficial throughout life.


• Always try to keep building in such a way that it should allow maximum natural light.


• The building elements are designed in such a way that they should be appearing as a whole not a part this is also called harmony in building elements.


• Always keep in mind the structural, don’t use such elements which are not possible from the structural point of view or using such kind of element increases project cost.


• Proportion plays a very important role in all kinds of design, always use visually pleasing proportions throughout the design.


• Create a focal point in the building by using contrast, isolation in building elements, placement of elements, the massiveness of elements.


• There are many mathematics calculations used in elevation design like the golden ratio, which brings artistic balance in design and The Modular given by Le Corbusier which helps to achieve harmony in elements.


Best way to design the house front elevation-


There are two main ways to design a house front design, the first one is hiring a local architect and the second one is online designing by us. Choosing the right elevation designer and design is difficult, so expert advice is valued a lot. When it comes to choosing, the right design architect plays an important role. By coordinating with the architect, the 3d designer translates house plans into the visual front design. The best way to design a Front elevation design of the house is by designing from us we have a well-organized style palette to understand you better.




How can we help you in home front designing as an elevation designer?


Are you thinking about giving your home a new elegant look?


It’s not easy to design a front elevation of a house for a normal person. By using our 3d designing service, you can easily evaluate what your home design should be in which you are investing your fortune. If you want to give an appealing, elegant and pleasant look to your home and want functional spaces, it’s very easy just call us at our contact number and get a free quote and consultation. As an Elevation designer, our team always try to understand your requirement, aspirations and imaginations so that we can design the best which suits your expectations. We have thousands of happy customers in India as well as all around the globe. We are confident to serve unique home designs within budget. We have designed almost every style like Modern, Kerala style, minimalist elevation, contemporary elevation, classic elevation and other styles of elevation design. These styles are majorly used in India. We provide designs for the small house which you can navigate through our website. You can take a look at our design online for free on our website.


What you get from us in elevation designing-


There are two types of exterior designing services we provide, the first one is full-designing service and the second one is elevation design service. In full designing service, we provide the following drawings.


1.         Floorplanning with furniture layout


2.         3D front elevation design


3.         Structure drawing


•           Centerline plan (For column marking)


•           Excavation drawing


•           Footing or foundation detail


•           Plinth and slab level beam details and their measurements


•           Roof details


•           Staircase details


•           Boundary wall structure


4.         Working drawing


•           Working plans


•           Door and Window schedule


•           2D Front elevation


•           Section details


•           Electrical detail


•           Plumbing detail




And in the elevation designing service, we provide the following drawings.


1.         3D front elevation design


2.         2D front elevation detail




You can take service as per your requirement.


What are the benefits of modern house design?


Modern home designs are simple kinds of structures; the main elements of these designs are blocks and pergolas. There are numerous advantages of modern house design. The main focus of the house design is to gain maximum energy, light, privacy, and pleasant space. By using modern designs, it will be very easy to get an architecturally perfect design.


General FAQ-

How do you design a home front elevation?

You can hire an architect or Elevation designer who will make the layout after that you can ask him for 3d design, his/hr 3d design team will translate the floor plan into 3d, as per which style you choose.

What is the modern house design?

Modern house design refers to current trends of design, which is exploring new material, views, low maintenance and many more.

Can I design my house elevation online?

Yes, it is possible to design a house online now many websites provide related services to this but choosing a good firm is always a challenging part of online designing before choosing a firm to discuss the previous projects that they did before, imagination shaper is a good option to design online in form of Elevation designer.

Are our modern homes cheaper to build?

Yes, it can be cheaper than classic house designs but sometimes it can cost more than contemporary designs it depends on which kind of elements and technology you are going to use, but in long term it’s cheap.

What are some of the best suggestions as an Elevation designer for a front elevation designs house?

There are a few important points that should remember while designing a front elevation of the house i.e. safety, maintenance, ventilation and many others.




After going through the above article we have learned that we need to use sustainable strategies to use minimum traditional energy resources for a better future as a good human being.

The main façade designing parameters are climate conditions, fade resistance, sustainability, and life of the facade material etc

This is really going to help you to take the right approach for your elevation design project.