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Modern bungalow design

Bungalow House Designs

In the world of architectural design, some bungalow design reflects a unique and eternal charm. This charm never goes out of tradition. The bungalow has surpassed many generations from decent to modern designs. The idea and design of bungalows first originated in India in the late 19th and early 20th century. They are still at the topmost trend because of their cozy look and modern infrastructure. They are built in distinct sizes, shapes, and styles. But the pattern is always the traditional.


Bungalow Interior Designing


The best quality of a bungalow is that it always has a wide area for creativity in interior design. To provide your home with a unique look, bungalows allow you to drive creativity with colors, textures, and patterns. 


If we talk about bungalow plans, the basic rule is to keep things uncomplicated and unadorned. You have to make the area plain and simple. Avoid too many decorations or furniture. You can draft only basic things. When thinking of giving a contemporary look to your bungalow, choose only monochromatic shades with a slight touch of bright colors. 


For small bungalow designs, maximizing the little space with creative looks is the first priority. Try using furniture with double storage and invest in the type which can be rearranged easily. By doing so, you can change your place whenever you want.


Whereas, for a luxurious bungalow design, you have to use rich furniture and materials. Materials like hardwood floors, chandelier lights, soft carpets, and marble countertops give your room an elite look. 


Best Professionals For Contemporary Bungalow House Design


If you are thinking of renovating your old bungalow into a contemporary one, but are unable to find the initial point. That is the point where you need skilled architects or professionals. But before that make a list of the changes you want in your bungalow. Once done with the list, browse online websites or call your family and friends to get any consultation. A professional will help you in transforming your dream bungalow into reality. 


Types of Bungalow Designs

The below list depicts some common types of Bungalow design.


Simple Bungalow Design

Generally, simple bungalows have single stories and a basic design. This bungalow is best for those who want basic maintenance. People who are going to buy their first home or planning to move prefer this type of bungalow.


Big Bungalow Design


People who need plenty of space to reside, prefer big bungalow designs. Equipped with more than one floor and plenty of rooms, this design is ideal for big families or party lovers. These bungalows often consist of spacious playing fields or tennis courts.


Bungalow Design With Terrace


Outdoor enthusiasts prefer these types of bungalows. These bungalows are inclusive of big spacious terraces perfect for entertaining guests or simply relaxing. 


Farmhouse Bungalow Design

People who love the charm of simple countryside living prefer farmhouse bungalows. These designs are mostly comprised of wide and large layouts ideal for the making and get-togethers of big families. The use of natural materials such as wood and stone is preferred here at these bungalows.


Low-Cost Bungalow Design

Budget-conscious people seeking the dream of bungalow plans opt for low-cost bungalow designs. Mostly, these bungalows have a simple layout and cheap materials. These types of bungalows are best for the people who are making their home or have a tight budget.


Rooftop Garden Bungalow Design


Nature lovers residing in urban areas go for rooftop garden bungalow designs. Using this design approach, the roof is turned into a green oasis that makes a peaceful environment. 


Bungalow-House Design Plans


Several options are available for bungalow house design plans such as:

Modern Bungalow House Plan


The most trending plans nowadays are modern bungalow design house plans. These plans comprise sleek lines and a minimalist approach to design. Other features include wide windows and open space. These types of houses are best for people who want elegant and classy houses.


Cottage Bungalow House Plan

The adorable and cozy look of the cottage bungalow design is what sets them apart from the rest designs. Mainly they are featured with sharp-pitched roofs, front porches, and triangular windows. 


Ranch Bungalow House Plan


Ranch Bungalow house plans comprise simple, long, and low-profile house designs. They are characterized by U-shaped or L-shaped designs. 


Mediterranean Bungalow House Plan


The Mediterranean Bungalow House Plans are highly inspired by the architecture of the Mediterranean area. The red-tiled roofs, iron details, and brickwork on the outside are its main features.


Tips To Make Your Bungalow Design Modern

To get an enhanced contemporary bungalow design, you should go for tile or wood flooring. It will give a complimentary and stylish look to your house. It will be the cherry on the cake if you try keeping luxurious rugs on floors.




The role of natural light in the kitchen should never be ignored. Make sure your kitchen is well-lit and with open layout. The countertop should be at a good distance from the cabinets.


Color Palette


Although it is completely one’s wish to color their house, you should go for a neutral color palette if you want to give a contemporary look to your house. It will provide a monotonous and modern look to your bungalow.


Interior Decorations


To enhance the design of your bungalow, choose the best interior designer for the latest trending designs. Several options are there for interior decoration such as modern, minimalist, Scandinavian, and traditional. 




You can visit several online websites or call a reputed architect to give shape to your bungalow designs. They can help you quickly renovate the style of your old bungalow house design. Several options are there to choose from for your dream bungalow design. Different textures, colors, and interior decors can be used to enhance its style. But at last, your bungalow is your paradise and it reflects your taste and comfort. Therefore, your bungalow must have your essence of joy and peace.

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