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farmhouse designs

Farm House Design

Do you also long for a home that takes you to simple ancient times and gives you a cozy essence? Then farmhouse designs are the ones where your search ends. This eccentric style is not just about the looks, but a place where you can enjoy and meet a slower pace of life. Imagine waking up at a place where sunshine is coming through the kitchen windows or where you can relax on the porch all day long or just enjoy a cool breeze at night. Additionally,  the farmhouses are for the people who regularly throw parties. Let us explore more about this amazing house plan.

Key Features of Farm House Design

Some of the key features of farmhouse plans are:

Interior Architecture

The interior of the farmhouse mainly comprises a warm and welcoming feeling. Mainly, they have shiplap walls, wooden floors, and exposed beams. Nude or white colors are often chosen by people. But for a vibrant touch, furniture or decoration is used. The kitchen of the farmhouse is big and spacious with storage and counter rooms. 

Exterior Architecture

Generally, the shiplap board, wood, and batten siding are used as the exterior of farmhouse plans. The other options may include stone and bricks. To make it more classy, one can make use of large windows, gable roofs, and wraparound porches.


Materials Used

Commonly, natural materials like stone, wood, and bricks are used in farmhouses. This makes you connected with nature. 


Popular Farmhouse Plans

If you are opting for farmhouse design for your dream house, then consider opting for these plans:


Rustic Farmhouse

While looking at Rustic Farmhouse, you will feel comfortable and relaxed. These farmhouses are made using stone details, rough finishing, and wood. The more popular features are large doors and windows, classic fixtures, and curved ceilings that create a cozy and charming atmosphere.


European Farmhouse

Built mainly in the countryside European areas, these farmhouse plans have an exterior made up of stones, rustic decors, and pointed doorways. More features include wooden ceiling beams, clean gardens, and an exposure of stone walls.


Traditional Farmhouse

The traditional farmhouses are symmetrical and make use of metal roofs and log siding. mainly comprised of rectangular or square shape, a roof with a steep slope, and a wide front porch.

Southern Farmhouse

Symmetrical in design, the southern farmhouse plans are inclusive of big windows, wide porches with columns, and similar patterns. The interior architecture includes a formal dining space, long ceiling walls, and photos on the walls. These houses give the complexion of giant southern houses.

Modern Farmhouse

With a twist of contemporary elements along with the traditional elements of a farmhouse, modern farmhouses make the best and most comfortable space to live in. The main features are simple lines, large windows, and open floor designs. To look more classy, minimalist interiors and natural materials are preferred while making a modern farmhouse.

Small Farmhouse 

The small farmhouse plans are for people who want the leisure of farmhouses but are budget-conscious. Some of the basic features are vertical storage, open floor plans, smart space-saving sliding doors, and multifunctional furniture.


Country Farmhouse

If you want to live in an easygoing and relaxing space, then a country farmhouse is the best option for you. These farmhouses feature sloping roofs, wraparound porches, and cupboard walls. Moreover, a relaxing firehouse space and countryside feel make it one of the best options.


Benefits of Farmhouse Living


Whether country-side or an urban neighborhood, farmhouse never fails to spread their uniqueness. They are known for their versatility as they can be designed in many different ways to match the preferences of taste and desires.


Family-Friendly Designs

With the use of natural materials, open floor plans, and relaxing infrastructure, these house designs are the best for families. The farmhouse designs offer flexibility and fit different lives, whether they are built for low-budget families, for party-lover families, or for the family utilizing it to relax.


Connected to Nature

Establishing a strong relation to nature, farmhouse designs often introduce open and wide windows, large doors, and roofed porches. Adding the close essence of nature to the home not only makes it look contemporary but also benefits health and well-being.


Most of the time, residing in a farmhouse is more cost-effective than buying a property in urban areas. The starting purchase cost of these houses is lower than other types of houses. But never forget that if you are planning to purchase a farmhouse as a future investment, then take all your expenses such as renovation prices.


Relaxing Ambiance

Being airy and open, the farmhouse designs are ideal for relaxation and peace. It can make you feel stuck by living in stuffed and congested places. Instead, if you live in an open space close to nature, you can inhale fresh air and lower the risk of health problems.


Steps To Own A Farmhouse

If you are planning to buy a farmhouse, then consider the following key points:


  • Choose budget wisely.
  • Decide the location.
  • Visit the site/location.
  • Make a list of shortlisted spots.
  • Check legally all the places.
  • Sale deed of the property.
  • Check the construction and design of the farmhouse.
  • Look out for the interior and exterior landscape.


Wrap Up

Farmhouses are the place where you can get a break from the hustle and bustle of city life. These houses provide calm surroundings and a naturalist essence. With its various design forms, one can easily select the design that is best for your house. From enjoying a peaceful environment to having a large space for activities, these houses offer multiple benefits. By giving little attention while buying or making a farmhouse design, you can have the best living area.

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