A Comprehensive Guide To House Front Design In India



Team imagination shaper    |   19 May 2024
Front elevation of house

A Comprehensive Guide to House Front Design in India-

Homeowners are paying more attention to the way their homes look and want them to look as impressive as possible. However, more and more people are turning away from traditional designs because they are tired of the boring boxes. A new way to turn heads is to design a front full of personality.

The front facade of a house is very important for a house. This is the part of the house which is most visible to the outside world. It is the face of the house. The front facade is what people will see first and then decide whether to go in or not. So it is very important to properly design the front of a house. This blog is all about different ways you can design the front of your house to look more impressive.

Different House Front Designs in India

The front of the house is the first thing that people notice and is a significant part of the house. With the passage of time, the front design of the house has changed from simple to complex.

Assam Type House Front Designs

In Assam, the house front designs are mainly divided into two categories: 1. Simple Assamese House Front Design 2. Complex Assamese House Front Design. Houses in Assam hardly have concrete roofs so the front look is a triangle instead of a flat shape.

A typical house front elevation or design in Assam has this Tin roof that extends to the front and sides. A long verandah with an Iron grill design is commonly found in all Assam-type houses.

Another feature of the Assam-type house is a triangle shape front design that lies beneath the roof. Another common element found in the front designs is the use of skylights, you will find multiple uses of skylights.

Bricks & Stones Exterior Wall Decoration Designs

Exterior wall decorations made from brick or stone are an important part of the design of any building. House designs that utilize brick and stone to accentuate their exterior often carry with them a regal or stately air and this is exactly what builders who want to make a good impression on prospective home buyers should strive for because homeowners who use these materials tend to have more pride in the community, neighbourhood and in their homes as well. Exterior wall fixtures also serve an important function of providing heat, which might seem counterintuitive at first, but if you live in colder climates like hilly areas you know how important it is not only to keep your family warm but also yourself because if you get cold enough chances are you won't be able to work effectively.

Box Type House Front Designs

Box type design is one of the most common designs used in the house front. The box-type design is one of the simplest and most effective designs which has been used in house fronts in a variety of ways. It is a simple design that is more effective on simple structures. It is a single-level design. This design is best suited for simple structures. The box-type design is preferred in the areas where the house fronts are quite simple in design.

Contemporary House Front Designs

House fronts have a significant impact on the overall look of the property. It is the first thing that prospective buyers notice when they approach your house. So, it is important to choose a design that speaks to your taste and personality. You should consider your floor plan before you go ahead with the design of your house. Before you finalize the design of your house, you must also keep in mind the architecture and the neighbourhood style.

Cottage House Front Designs

A cottage house design is another option to consider if you're looking to add a traditionally charming touch to your front facade. To achieve this type of look, add in some columned accents or a steeply pitched roof on top to create a point that further adds interest and makes the home appear cozy and quaint. Looks aren't everything, that's why people love the nostalgic appeal of a simple cottage design. If a traditional look is what you're going for, there are lots of great options available as well - such as including a gabled roof, large columns, or small windows.

Curved House Front Designs

I'm a big fan of the circle house design and there are some pretty spectacular ones in the past that really think outside of what most would consider a box, like this one with interiors that consist of wooden-clad rooms with beautifully curved facades. While the back of the home is amazing, I particularly love the huge rooftop pool overlooking city skylines & beyond!


Farmhouse Front Designs

The farmhouse style of architecture is essentially a rural style of architecture. It refers to a smaller, more compact style of building that is found in rural areas and small towns. The main feature of the farmhouse style is the large porch that is attached to the front of the house. The porch is often covered and is known as the veranda. It is covered by a roof and supported by wooden pillars. The farmhouse style has changed and evolved over time. The more modern farmhouse style is commonly called the bungalow style.

Glass House Front Designs

Glass can be used in the design of the house and they come in a variety of colours. Some colours of glass can be used in the interior of the house, while others are used on the exterior walls of the house. You can use glass to design the balcony, staircase, and even the whole front. Glass elevation is the use of glass panels in the front elevation of a building. It is a new trend in the field of architecture.

Modern 3D House Front Designs

Elevations can have a significant impact on how your line properties are perceived. If you would like to improve the elevation of your downline business look, then adding 3D elevations could be a great choice for you. You see, as opposed to standard 2D designs, elevations allow for simple design changes that can transform your property's appearance which is extremely important when carrying out a renovation project or building from scratch.

If you want to remodel your architectural design, then 3d modelling is an effective solution. The relation between the building model and 3-D rendering is quite evident. Since 3D models are done well before excavation begins, it's easy to update specific details you want in the exterior of the building.

L Shaped House Front Designs

The L-shaped house front designs provide extra space which can be used to make two separate physical zones out of one. It allows you to create a separate public area from your bedrooms or provide a direction to the wind that protects your home from it if there's such a concern in your location. These designs are often used as they allow continuous views and help architects to meet their client's desires while managing space more efficiently at the same time.

Low Budget House Front Designs

People who have limited budgets but too many belongings to store and declutter often think that it would be best to move into a smaller place so they can have more space. There are a lot of small, cool designs out there for small houses, and these days people who want to own a small home are making it happen.

 You can also find low-cost normal housefront elevation designs when you choose pre-fabricated alternatives. This gives you what looks like a professional finish with very little input on your part. Even if you're short of time, a pre-fab alternative to home elevation designs is a quick, easy solution that could be right for you and your budget. Other people like living in small houses because they reduce regular maintenance as well as the cost of living overall.

Luxury House Front Designs

One of the biggest trends in luxury home designs today is scaled, sprawling luxury house front designs. These design formats can exceed 8,000 square feet and be created for modern people who want to be able to entertain or simply enjoy the accoutrements of luxurious living but with a taste that is both classic and modern. We incorporate exterior design, landscaping, garden design and many more features that take full advantage of all your land has to offer you like sprawling patios and balconies which allow you to take in beautiful views while relaxing, as well as ample garage space and backyards with outdoor kitchens so you're able to entertain guests throughout the year.


We hope you enjoyed our house front design blog. We hope it gave you some inspiration for your own house front, or just gave you a little entertainment on a rainy afternoon. If you have any questions about house front design, we would love to hear from you, just comment below

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