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designing of house

Designing Houses

A good design for home is always the most important aspect of building a comfortable and well-architected house. No matter if you are renovating an existing space or building a new one, a unique and trending house design is important if you want to live in an area that appears contemporary and eccentric even after years. Read this article to learn about how to design a house from the start, even if you have zero knowledge about house design.

Make A List Of All Essential Things


The first step in designing of house is to make a detailed list of all the essential things or designs you want in your home. This list may have details about number of rooms, bathrooms, store rooms, etc. Think about your current requirements and what you want to add in the future. For example, the future number of family members or you are planning to start a small home-business. After that, include some must-have things you want to add, such as a closet in master bedroom or a separate utility room. 


Once done with your “must-have” list, proceed to the “wish” list, such as any gym, extra room, or a small library. But your budget should be your first priority to ensure an economical and trendy design for home


After creating the must-have list, consider floor types that can give your house a complete and well-functional look.


Think Of The Space


While designing houses, it is crucial to think about the space on which you are going to build your dream home. Factors such as direction, natural light, and view matter the most. You should never neglect the point, like what direction will your home have and the flow of air, natural sunlight, etc. Sometimes, there are specific rules and restrictions at a specific place. It is very crucial to have knowledge of such rules before designing of house.


Different Sources Of Inspirations

For a quick start on your dream house design, browse online websites for designing houses, read magazines for interior decor, or you can also look for rented houses to get an idea. You can collect all the designs and keep them in one place for deeper understanding. Do the same procedure for the floor plans.


While making a choice for colours, interior decor, and fittings, never forget your budget. If you are a fan of contemporary house designs, go for neutral colours, lined patterns, and minimalist aesthetics. You should have an idea of the complete look of your house after designing it.


Make A Rough Sketch


The next crucial step in the designing of house is making a rough sketch, as it will give you a brief idea of how things will get connected in your new house. Make a rough idea of what room will be used for what specific purpose. For instance, a bedroom is a quiet and peaceful place. You should make a flow in every room of your house. So that your house not only appears attractive but is also convenient.


But after designing, never forget to get it approved by a professional architect. You should think about how your will be designed inside and out


Start From Scratch


While planning a new house design, you have two options for your floor plans- modify the old floor or design a new floor plan. If you are thinking of renovating the previous floor, make sure to update it so that it can fit your taste and needs. 


Moreover, you can change the room sizes so that they match your current wishes. Additional features, like the way to each room or how they are interconnected, can also be points to consider.


Choose the Best Professionals

One of the most crucial steps after drafting an initial plan is to get it approved by a professional architect, interior designer, or any contractor. These professionals will guide you on how to make the most of it, keeping your budget and needs in mind. To hire the best professional, you need to do some research, either online or in person. You can also get recommendations from your family, friends, and relatives.


Try to go for one who has previously designed a home like the one you want. Also, do not forget to inspect their license and ensure they have a good reputation.


Final Approach


Giving your home design a new look is the most exciting part of this journey. This indicates that your dream design for home is becoming a reality. You should have made the best choices for the style and features of your home. But still, there are some aspects you should add to this list:




While making the best designing of house, make sure the house is well-lit. Always give preference to natural light, as it gives the house a contemporary look and you will feel more connected to nature. 




If you want to go with the trend, opt for neutral colours as they give a soothing and peaceful look to the house, making it more relaxed and close to nature.


Interior Decorations:


For classy interior decorations, you can go with online websites. Some of the trendy interior decors are soothing planters, trendy closets, tiny frames, large mirrors, aesthetic furniture, and many more.


Smart Appliances:


You can also have the latest electrical equipment at home to match it with the modern era. The list is inclusive of smart TVs, doorbells, alarm systems, and so on.




Designing houses is an exciting journey that needs careful planning. Firstly, consider the most important factors and rooms in your house. Grab ideas from the internet or books. Draft a rough sketch and check if it makes sense. You can also seek expert advise. Pay attention to the minute details. Last but not least, never forget that it is your house, and you are the one who is going to live in it for the rest of your life. 

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