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Contemporary House

Leaving the traditional trend of large spacious and over-decorated bungalows, every one is heading towards contemporary houses. In this modern era, the need of the hour is aesthetic environment that covers the desire for light, connection, and sustainability. This is what we call, a contemporary house. These houses are all about well-design, airy, and uncluttered space. 


It has become a new trend of housing. Apart from giving simple yet elegant look, these houses are super comfortable and relaxable. These houses are well designed and architectured in a special way by understanding the needs of modern era.


Contemporary Vs Modern House Design


Although both modern and contemporary house design are used interchangeably, the latter comes with proper planning and more flexibility. The idea of modern houses came into effect in the early 1920s while contemporary house designs introduced in late 20th centuries. 


Modern House Design


Modern houses symbolises the architecture as full of simplicity and clearer lines. They mainly comprises of big windows and planned floors connecting outdoors. To offer a minimalist look, the materials such as concrete, steel, and glass are used. The main motive behind the modern houses techniques is optimised and innovative space. These designs are usually inclusive of neutral colours with a general design.

Contemporary House Designs

Contemporary house design, on the other hand, practice a unique freedom approach while practicing. They have unique artistic forms, materials and modern technology. When it comes to interior design, these houses are a mixture of modernity with a more unique and personalised idea.


Although both the house designs appear same, but only a professional eye can locate the differences.


Pros Of Contemporary House Design


Contemporary style houses are, nowadays, being preferred more than modern or any style of architecture. The reason is clear, these unique style of designs offer more sustainability and adaptability. They are designed with a freedom of approach mainly with the use of clean lines, innovative ideas, and minimalist aesthetic appeal. 


Some of its main features are discussed below:


Aesthetic Minimalism


The contemporary style house designs always approach the feature of minimalist aethetic, that makes the house reflecting a clean and uncluttered look. It is specially designed for the one who wants modern as well as clean look of the house. One of the main approaches is the use of minimalist elements and focusing only on the main things or actions. As they are not any trend-specific, these type of house designs show timeless elegance.


Natural Materials


The natural materials such as wood, stone, and recycled steel are used mostly in contemporary style house designs. By utlizing such things, the house gives a warm, soothing, and natural ambiance. Unlike artificial materials, the natural things are more long lasting and durable. Also, these are resistant to any unwanted tings like rots, fire, or water. Moreover, they add a natural texture to the room and connects you with life. These are the preferred more over synthetic material nowadays because they are more environment friendly and long-lasting. 


Flexible Approach

The contemporary style house designs avails you more flexibility by making the best use of the space and layouts. They use the minimal approach of aesthetics, clean lines, simple, and geometric shapes that makes a place best for living in open-space and multi-functional areas. Hence, homeowners can have a choice of implementing latest trends and technologies to their houses.



Contemporary style house designs are more adaptable as compared to modern houses. They are more flexible, offering easy layout and sustainable use of space. The main emphasis of these designs is aesthetic minimalism, simplicity, geometric shapes, and clear lines. These look represent an uncluttered look of houses as they lesses the visual distractions and cluttered appearance. By using nude colours, natural materials, and minimal aesthetic approach, they represent a house with multifunctional areas. Hence, making it the best choice for the modern homemakers and architects. 


Indoor-Outdoor Connection


The contemporary house design reflects a timeless connection between interior and exterior phase of planning a house by utilising glass materials like large windows that makes the place more spacious and aesthetic. There are many ways to adopt this approach like removing a wall, using same construction material, and extending roofline.


Energy Efficient


The energy efficient features like installing solar panels, LED lights, tankless water heaters,green roofs, and many other smart home appliances are used while designing contemporary style houses. These make the house more environment friendly, natural, and economical for a long-term.


Planned Customisation


The contemporary style house designs have always been the first preference for the house making by designers and homeowners as they can be customised according to everyone’s need.


Materials: The designers have a choice of using natural materials over synthetic ones as they have a perk of giving more warm and natural look to the house as compared to synthetic materials as they made from artificial substances. 


Customised Floors: These type of houses are free of any planned infrastructures, the architects or homemakers can easily customise the floor designs as per their interest and comfort. These can be modified easily by adjusting the layout and size of the previous areas.


Lighting Fixtures: Designers can make use of any type of lighting that can bleam desired level of illuminations.


Smart Technology: Various feature of a smart tech can be implemented in these type of houses such as an electronic device controlled by any remote, smart thermostats, video doorbells, or security cameras.


Finishing Approach: Several finishing perspective in terms of paint colours, countertops, cabinetry, and ceiling can be customised as per the homemakers style and taste.


Interior Decoration and Furniture: Last but not the least, designers can make a choice of aesthetically appealing decent decor and furniture according to one’s taste.



Contemporary style house designs are preferred over any other type for their finished approach, energy efficiency, adaptability, flexibility, naturalistic, and aesthetic appeal. While investing in these type of houses, whether for your home or business, you should make full use of your money. Not only they are attractive and adaptable, they are long-lasting and combat weather changes. Nowadays, everyone is heading for contemporary style house designs as one can make more practical choices here. 


Then why to wait? Go and contact contemporary house designers as soon as possible!

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