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How Much Does An Architect Cost In Lucknow?

Building a home requires careful planning and is one of the biggest investments in one’s life. So you have to plan and execute everything accordingly. You can not get wrong choosing any elements because it will cost you heavily. One of the most important decisions you will make is hiring the right architect to design your home. 

An architect is responsible for designing and overseeing the construction. The fees of an architect in Lucknow can vary greatly depending on his experience, and the size and complexity of the project.

So how much does an architect really cost in Lucknow? In this blog post, we will try to find the typical rates and fee structures of an architect.

What does an architect Do?

Before we start digging into the charges of an architect we must understand what he does. An architect plays a vital role in the construction of a house.

Site evaluation and analysis:

The architect visits the site to see its conditions and evaluates factors like orientation, views, soil conditions, vegetation, etc. for the design.

Initial Designs and floor plans

The architect will prepare a basic design or layout that displays the home's size, layout, and style. It may include a 3D image that provides a realistic visualization of the home's interior and exterior.

Construction drawings:

The architect will create technical drawings that specify all details needed for the contractor to build the home, including floor plans, elevations, sections, etc.

Material selection:

Depending upon the project requirement the architect will recommend materials like flooring, fixtures, and finishes to achieve the design and stability.

Permit assistance:

One of the critical jobs of an architect is to prepare a design plan for approval from the local building authority. In large cities like Lucknow, you can not just build a house on your own. You have to get approval from the local development authority before starting the construction. Secondly, an architect's design and building plan approval is also required to fetch loans from the bank.

Contractor selection:

If you are newly constructing your house and do not know any builder then architects can help you find one. Selecting a good builder is an important job. Architects can assist with the hiring of contractors or builders.

Construction administration:

The architect oversees the construction of the house. They periodically visit the site during construction to ensure the home is built according to the plans and specifications.

Architects Fee In Lucknow

Architects usually charge their clients in 3 ways,

  1. Percentage Basis:

Most architects charge a certain percentage of the total cost of construction. In Lucknow, architects charge between 3-15% of the total construction cost of the home. This covers their services from initial design through construction administration. A Top architect in Lucknow charges the maximum percentage because of their reputation, experience, and level of work. This fee does not cover the construction of the projects. It includes the design, layouts, site visits, supervising, and much more. If the total cost of the construction project is Rs. 50 lakhs and then the cost of an architect can be Rs.5 lakhs at 10%.

However, this is a fixed rate of percentage charged by the architects it depends entirely on several factors which we will cover at the end part of the blog.

  1. Per Square Feet Basis

Another form of architect’s fees is per square feet basis. Architects can charge between Rs.10- Rs.500 per square foot. This rate varies based on the location of the house, the type of construction, and many more. The best architects in Lucknow charge a higher per square foot rate than the less experienced ones. Renovation/addition fees are typically higher per square foot.

  1. Flat Fee

Architects sometimes charge a flat overall project fee after evaluating the scope of work. This fee structure is common for smaller projects under 1000 sq ft. This flat-rate structure works best if the architect is hired only for the design and approval. Their scope is limited and they charge a flat rate from their clients for this.

Factors that Impact Architect Fees

The fees of architects in Lucknow depend on several factors:

Type of project:

Designing a new custom home costs more than remodeling or adding on to an existing home.

Size of home:

Larger and more luxurious homes require more time and labor.

Complexity of design

Unique or complex designs demand more effort than simple, rectangular layouts.

Scope of services:

Clients can opt to hire an architect just for the initial design or for the complete duration of the project. If you hire them with full services then the fees will be higher.


The architect rates tend to be higher in metro areas like Lucknow compared to smaller cities and towns.

Architect's experience:

Top firms and well-known architects ask for higher fees while inexperienced charge less.

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