What is house plan or map?

House map is the representation of any building seen from above by showing the relation between spaces, furniture arrangement, fixers, equipment, interior features and what is required to visualize a clear picture of the building. It should be two dimensional or 3d dimensional. It’s also known as floor plans.

Importance of house maps?

It gives us a very clear vision about the project, so anyone understands easily and customized as per their need in easy terms we can say it makes you choose right customized plan to suit your requirement; It is used for costing purpose, Material calculation, and sanction from the authority and in many more things like that. House plans play a most important role in house designing. If the project is not completed with proper planning it’s more likely a chance to fail the project.

Things keep in mind while designing a house map

There are many important things which should keep in mind while designing the house map. Here, we are going to list below.
• Sun plays an important role in keeping the house comfortable naturally. So, always design house plans which are according to sun path study.
• Ventilation and lighting is the most important part of a good house plan.
• The spaces of the house should be functional. i.e. drawing area o the residential building should be nearby the main entrance so that any person can access it without disturbing internal spaces and many more.
• The house plan must follow Vastu rules, which is the ancient science of house planning.
• Culture also influence of any building architecture design. It should be also followed while designing a house.
• Water drainage system also keeps in mind while designing a plan it will help to get a perfect house plan.
• It should be planned according to future extension (If any).

How we can help you?

We offer complete solutions related to house designing, it will be very helpful to builders real estate workers and a normal person also. We have two types of service readymade and customize designing; readymade is the service in which we provide a pre-designed plan to those which plot is the same as our sample. We have worked on various residential and commercial projects in India and abroad in all styles like Kerala, Duplex, Bungalow, villa, small house and simple house. If we design a floor plan before construction we can save cost and work without any obstacle.
You can see our design samples of all facing with dimensions just clicking on designing keyword, related to your plot size. We have almost every popular size sample as 20x30, 20x40, 25x40, 25x50, 30x40, 30’x60’, 40’x40’, 40’x60’, 50’x50’ etc Indian home design plans with dimensions. Our design sample will very useful to understand the basics of the planning. We are one of the best innovative house plan designing firms, As and house plan maker firm, we know how to design a floor plan properly by using the best use of space, Vastu, passive solar energy and suit your requirement by using our professional expertise in the construction industry to translate your dreams into reality.

General FAQ

General FAQ related to house map
What size are the house maps?
House maps can be designed in every size; the size of the house map depends on your requirements and plot size, On behalf of that architectural firm decides covered area of the plot. Local authority norms also matter a lot, while designing a house map.
Should I buy a home map online?
Yes, definitely anyone can buy online house map. Sometimes, there is no presence of any professional architect in your city in those cases buying a house map online helps us a lot to design house professionally.
What is the best website for house map?
There are many websites who are dealing in designing house map; it’s not easy to say who is best. But, who understands your needs and goal the designing firm is best for you. It’s highly recommended at first you have to discuss your needs with the firm which vision meets your expectation is the best for you.
Which website gives free home construction plans?
There are lots of websites available on the internet on which anyone can see house plans but customization is not free. is the best for Indian house maps.
What are some common mistakes made when designing a floor plan for a house?
There are many factors which should consider while designing a house as
• Orientation of the building
• Vastu
• Ventilation
• Privacy
There are the main factors which should be a factor of mistake while designing a floor plan of the house.
What is OTS in a floor plan?
The full form of OTS is open to the sky. OTS is a form of the ancient courtyard, is open till the last roof and on the last roof it’s covered with translucent material and on the ground it’s treated as tree courtyard which increases the beauty of that area.

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