Hotels architecture and design

What is Hotel?

Hotels are the building, which we use as temporary accommodation and other services like meals in favour of money. It’s directly associated with the Tourism and Travel industry. It may be independent or part of the chain. It may be multipurpose. It should have more facilities in it like a restaurant, suit room, bar nightclub, swimming pools fitness rooms, saunas etc.

What is hotel architecture?

The hotel architecture is a standard kind of strategy which is followed while translating client requirement into drawing to construct a hotel building. We know that the nature of hotel development is commercial so; Hotel architecture is not only responsible for its looks and designs but also responsible for hotel’s ability to make a profit, which defines the success of hotel architecture. Hotel architecture may be different according to the type of hotel, the grade of hotel, facilities offered by the hotel. There are many important aspects which should follow while designing hotel architecture. Some main point is mentioned below.
• The first important point is data analysis; while we have to design hotel architecture we must research about what can affect market E.g.: Tourism, Local climate, what kind of accommodation required on that place and more like that.
• Hotel-grade is another important point, while we going to design a hotel we must study about what kind of hotel-grade is going to design according to market demand so that we can decide what services going to provide.
• Hotel building should be small to very huge and the electricity consumption is an important factor, to avoid more expenses we must follow rules of sustainable architecture which is based on solar passive energy. It’s very helpful to reduce electricity cost throughout the building life.
• We know that hotels may have many functions like a bar, restaurant and more like that so we should always try to generate such kind of space which has minimum interaction with each other during hotel operations.
• Hotel architecture should be designed in such manner that the noise should be minimum of the hotel building, which is due to traffic, hotel operations, footfall and more like that to give a great experience to the guest.
• Cultural aspect is the one other important thing which influences inside and outside environment, so while designing hotel architecture we should remember the local culture of that place which direct influence on the hotel industry.
• Now a day’s many hotels follow technology for more attractive accommodation services so, hotel architecture may follow these elements also.
• We know that the hotel industry is a dynamic industry which guest rooms designed as per market group’s demand E.g. like business groups, individual, couples, family and singles required different type’s guest room, which can find out by a study of the environment of that place.

How can we help you?

When it comes to design hotels architecture, very small details to how you feel the spaces sense required. There are many important points which the hotel architect should remember while designing any hotel building which can influence hotel E.g. local culture, climate condition of the site, what will be landscape design, the comfort of the guests and one of the other important factors is energy management; the architect plays an important role in it because they are the person which they know how to use passive solar energy to decrease maintenance charge by proper use of best hotel architecture strategy can give you best result by reducing regular maintenance charge.
By seeing above point it’s cleared that hotel architects should be experienced who’s know all above point. It’s a big amount of project, so it should be designed thoughtfully, one small mistake can be very dangerous. Imagination shaper fulfils all parameters which are required to design a hotel building; we know how to design a hotel which will suit the client’s requirement to make his hotel business profitable. We have designed many huge and small hotel architecture and interior project from the concept plan to execution of the project until the project finishes in India and abroad. We are one of the best hotel architects in India.

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